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For five decades, the Wagenbrenner family has breathed new life into underused parcels throughout the city and uniquely tailored them to respond to the existing neighborhoods. As the development world begins to look at real estate as more than sticks and bricks, the necessity for Wagenbrenner Development to evolve into Thrive Companies became apparent. Thrive creates high-quality, unique communities that will benefit the health of our city for generations to come.

Using human-centered development principles, we are sensitive to the need for organic spaces that bring value to the people who use them. We will continue to collaborate with the local residents throughout the development process to ensure our neighbors feel as connected to the project as we do, all while fostering and maintaining successful working relationships with government entities and investors.

How We Thrive

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Driven by design, inspired by people, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We understand the intricacies needed for a healthy community and we aim to provide consistent, positive customer experience. By focusing on creating tailored spaces, we cater to all aspects of our people’s lives.

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We create communities to help people Thrive. We carefully select sites with the potential to be transformed into something great. When we redevelop a property, we’re not just constructing a building – we’re creating a community that people are proud to call home. Each of our communities have their own identity, while consistently offering the quality that people have come to expect from us.

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We’ve remediated more brownfield and neglected properties with the EPA than any other developer in Ohio. We tackle these challenging projects by orchestrating complex relationships with key stakeholders – resulting in new communities and parks. We’ve been able to do so on 9 separate occasions thanks to $26.5 million in grants from the State of Ohio’s Clean Up Ohio Fund, which we’ve used to acquire and pay for the environmental remediation costs on sites we believed could be redeveloped into something great.

Meet The Team

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Mark Wagenbrenner


As CEO, Mark brought to life his vision of acquiring and redeveloping underutilized and abandoned properties into new, flourishing community spaces.

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Kevin Zeppernick


As our Principal & COO, Kevin specializes in land development, residential and commercial construction, project management, and operational efficiency.

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Brian Barrett


As our Principal & Executive Vice President, Brian brings a wealth of experience including real estate, commercial investments and real estate brokering.

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Eric Wagenbrenner


As our Principal & Executive Vice President, Eric brings extensive knowledge in full-service commercial brokerage and has earned numerous awards for his real estate work.

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Matt McClimon


Matt is our Chief Financial Officer and manages the company's operations and financial analysis of development, acquisitions and dispositions.

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