We create meaningful relationships that serve as the foundation and the fabric of our families, our communities, and our city.

Our Strength

As we began to view our large mixed-use developments as urban resorts, the necessity for Wagenbrenner Development to evolve into Thrive Companies became apparent. We have internalized all aspects of the real estate development process to deliver on these complex and challenging developments.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

  • Mark Wagenbrenner

    Managing Principal & President

  • Kevin Zeppernick

    Principal & Chief Executive Officer

  • Joel Lilly

    Principal & Chief Financial Officer

  • Eric Wagenbrenner

    Principal & EVP of Development

  • Steve Bollinger

    Principal & EVP of Development

  • Brian Barrett

    Principal & EVP of Development

  • Matt McClimon


Meet Our Team

  • Sean Cullen

    VP of Development

  • Michael Amicon

    VP of Development

  • Joe Reidy

    Director of Environmental Services

  • Rob Harris

    Director of Architecture

Meet Our Team

  • Jeff Robb

    VP of Construction (For Rent)

  • Todd Pomorski

    Director of Site Development

  • Mike Hall

    VP of Construction (For Sale)

Meet Our Team

  • Rudy Wesolek

    For Sale • Director of Community Experience

  • Aimee Whitlatch

    For Sale • Senior Community Experience Manager

  • Morgan Galvin

    For Sale • Community Experience Manager

  • Austin Lindsay

    For Sale • Community Experience Manager

  • Colin Burnheimer

    For Sale • Community Experience Manager

  • Samantha Walker

    For Sale • Community Experience Manager

  • Leah Skoczen

    For Rent • VP of Community Experience

  • Craig Borbely

    For Rent • Director of Community Experience

  • Heather Jones

    For Rent • Community Experience Manager

  • Micah Sargent

    For Rent • Assistant Community Experience Manager

  • Annamaria Despas

    Corporate • Office Experience Manager

Meet Our Team

  • Eric Hibner

    VP of Purchasing

  • Jeremy Chandler

    VP of Finance

  • Courtney Ingersoll

    Director of Marketing

  • Eric Casto

    Director of Asset Management

  • Charles Campisano

    Director of Legal

Our Culture

We are impassioned creators, inspired by our work and devoted to our communities. With a certain grit and desire to fly in the face of impossibility, we embrace rolling up our sleeves, diving in, and turning what feels unimaginable into something impactful.