What makes our work truly meaningful is going the path together. From planning to execution, we build from a shared passion and are committed to providing an elevated experience for our partners, our residents, and our neighborhoods.

  • Mark Wagenbrenner

    Principal, Board Member, & President

  • Kevin Zeppernick

    Principal, Board Member, & Chief Executive Officer

  • Joel Lilly

    Principal, Board Member, & Chief Financial Officer

  • Eric Wagenbrenner

    Principal, Board Member, & Executive Vice President of Development

  • Steve Bollinger

    Principal & Executive Vice President of Development

  • Joe Reidy

    Director of Environmental Services

  • Matt Negron

    Director of Development

  • Austin Lindsay

    Development Manager

  • Rob Harris

    Director of Architecture

  • Jenn Shaffer

    Director of Operations

  • Eric Hibner

    Partner & Senior Vice President of Purchasing

  • Todd Pomorski

    Vice President of Site Development

  • Jeff Robb

    Partner & Senior Vice President of Quality Assurance

  • Mike Hall

    Partner & Senior Vice President of Construction

  • Jack Lee

    Director of Construction

  • Takis Rozakis

    Director of Construction

  • Rudy Wesolek

    Partner & Senior Vice President of Realty

  • Aimee Whitlatch

    Senior Client Experience Manager

  • Colin Burnheimer

    Senior Client Experience Manager

  • Sam Walker

    Client Experience Manager

  • Maddie McCallie

    Client Experience Manager

  • Craig Borbely

    Vice President of Community Management - Start-Up

  • Erica MacDonald

    Director of Community Management

  • Matt Wilkinson

    Director of Community Maintenance

  • Mackenzie McCauley

    Community Manager - Jeffrey Park

  • Storm Dominguez

    Community Manager - Grandview Crossing

  • Molly Wagenbrenner

    Community Manager - Jeffrey Park

  • McKenzie Williams

    Wellness Manager

  • Morgan Galvin

    Director of Food & Beverage

  • David Moeser

    Director of Food & Beverage

  • Courtney Ingersoll

    Partner & Senior Vice President of Brand

  • Jeremy Chandler

    Partner & Senior Vice President of Finance

  • Josi Bowen

    Director of Finance - Development

  • Mary Kay Diehl

    Director of Finance - Construction

  • Kelsey Leab

    Director of Finance - Community Management, Wellness, F&B

  • Eric Casto

    Director of Finance - Public

  • Charles Campisano

    Partner & Senior Vice President of Legal & General Counsel

  • Melissa Goodall

    People Experience Manager

  • Anna Despas

    Office Experience Manager

Our Culture

We are impassioned creators, inspired by our work and devoted to our communities. With a certain grit and desire to fly in the face of impossibility, we embrace rolling up our sleeves, diving in, and turning what feels unimaginable into something impactful.